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Windows 7 Upgrade Project Communications

CASIT will begin reaching out to Windows 7 users identified on the network to schedule migrations. This work will take precedence over regular service requests, due to the security implications.

The message below will be sent to any faculty, staff, and graduate students that have machines needing to be upgraded.

CASIT has identified that your computer is running an out-of-date operating system and needs an upgrade. It is important to schedule this work as soon as possible. Through our process, we will:

meet for an in-person consultation and pickup of the computer from your office. capture a ...

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Four Winds Interactive Content Types


This article is designed for Four Winds content administrators to guide them through the various content types that are available to display along with highlighting key features for each type.

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Help Articles

UO Blogs Log In link (found on the upper-left corner of the window)

How to manage users in UO Blogs sites

This article is designed to guide site administrators through the process of adding or removing users from their UO Blogs-hosted website.

Most CAS departments, programs, and institutes have their websites hosted on UO Blogs.

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Once authenticated, the new user can create their own site or be added to any other site by site


ssr 客户端


Microsoft Stream Logo

Microsoft Stream Overview

This article is designed to provide an overview on Microsoft Stream for Office 365 users. Stream allows users to upload videos, add subtitles to those videos, and embed their content into other services (UO Blogs websites, Canvas, etc.)

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